The ClubHouse  is the ideal way to give your children a home-away-from-home special retreat. The ClubHouse will provide you with a gorgeous place for your children to play, also enhancing the look of your backyard. Comes complete with a 4 ft. deck and porch, and two pop out windows you can position anywhere giving you ventilation and natural light.

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The Clubhouse Playhouse has an over-sized windowsill and the wooden porch offers a nice open air bar seating area. The two functional windows on the side walls offer enough light and air flow to make the kids outdoor clubhouse a place to curl up on a sunny afternoon for peace and quiet.

When you choose one of our quality playhouse kits for your child, you are opening the door to his or her imagination. Whether they pretend to be an architect or interior designer as they decorate their new home, a librarian in their new reading room, a fireman in their new firehouse or a doctor or nurse in the hospital they just created inside their new playhouse, the possibilities are endless!

You will be helping your child’s imagination grow while creating those memories which will last a lifetime!

Our children’s playhouses give the kids a place to get away, give you the extra space you need and add to the beauty of your home!

Two functional push-out windows are included in the kit design and can be positioned on any wall of your choice allowing you to customize your wooden Clubhouse to suit your needs.

Choose the larger 10 ft wide Kids Clubhouse which provides a larger covered porch and a porch wall consisting of a slide down window, Dutch door and a blank wall.

Kids Clubhouse Kit Features:

  • Available in 6 sizes: 8′ x 12′, 8′ x 16′, 10 ‘x 12’, 10 ‘x 14’, 10 ‘x 16’ and 10 ‘x 20’
  • 100% Western Red Cedar exterior finishing
  •  6 ft high pre-built wall panels
  •  Includes a cedar Dutch door – W 36″ x H 71″
  • Pre-shingled roof panels for ease of assembly
  • Plywood floor with 2 x 4 cedar floor joist
  • Includes 2 full awning push out windows
  • Additional down slider window W 41″ x H 34″ on the 10 ft wide Clubhouses
  •  A standard 4 ft wide porch
  • Includes 2 wood planter boxes
  • No cutting required
  • Includes assembly hardware and plans




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