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The Stratford Schoolhouse playhouse kit comes complete with all the important components, and is easy to assemble. You’ll love the durability and charming, nostalgic smile of the completed product, while your child will adore having a space of their very own. Encourage imaginative play with this unique playhouse.

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The Stratford Schoolhouse  is sure to bring years of joy to your kids. The durable construction and elegant design make it a great fit for any family.

Assembly can take as little as a day depending on how much help you have. The kits are shipped as panels that are pre-assembled, primed, and ready for painting in your choice of colors. The siding is pre-fastened onto wall panels as is the trim that helps define the character of the playhouse.

The customer is responsible for providing shingles, paint, and the drip edge, all of which are readily available at your local home center. This allows you to customize the Stratford Schoolhouse to the look you desire. Six windows on the 8 x 8, the other two sizes have, eight windows made of tempered safety glass allow for plenty of natural light. Entry is easy with two doors, the child’s Dutch door in the front and the adult-sized door in the back.

8’x 8’       8’x 10’      8’x 12’

Stratford Schoolhouse kits are roughly 10’ high to the tip of bell cupola


  • 2 x 3 wood wall framing
  • 2 x 4 wood trusses 2’ on center
  • High quality siding and trim pre-fastened onto wall panels(insures panels are square)
  • Panelized walls sections (not just pre-cut) saves time in assembly
  • Straight trim pre-fastened to panels
  • All other parts are pre-cut and ready to assemble
  • 6 windows on 8 x 8, 8 windows on 8 x 10 & 8 x 12 (with round tops)
  • Child’s dutch door (20”wide*40”high)
  • Porch roof over child door
  • Adult dutch door on the back side (34”wide*61”high)
  • Hardware needed to assemble (screws, latches, handles, nails)
  • Outside corner trim (white aluminum)
  • Primed siding and trim


  • Shingles
  • Paint
  • Dripedge
  • Floor (if purchased without the floor kit)
  • Optional 3 4 x 4 posts under floor

Above items can be purchased at your local hardware store.


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